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9 & 10 June 2021



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Reliable and inexpensive multi-channel (eBay, Amazon & Shopify etc.) fulfilment. We`ll securely store, reliably pick and package, and smoothly deliver your orders. You`ll grow your business!

Our unique software driven approach to fulfilment means that we can service clients of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest eBay seller to multi-million-pound brands. Huboo offers the following advantages:

• Fulfillment; we store, pick & post your order
• Optional packing of your unpacked products
• Multi-channel inventory management
• All major integrations - new integrations built for free
• Secure warehousing; 2 months free storage for each new shipment you send to us
• Responsive customer service; speak directly with the warehouse staff picking and packing your goods in your `Hub`
• Reduce stress; hand over your existing fulfilment operation to the experts
• No minimum contract; give Huboo a try and see how you get on

Our entire service is far cheaper than any known like-for-like competitor. Seller Fulfilled Prime can also be enabled through Huboo so if you`re not happy using Amazon for fulfilment, Huboo represents a viable and highly cost-effective alternative.

Service levels are exceptional. Please ask to speak to existing clients, we know they`re happy to tell you about their experiences with Huboo.

Unlike all other fulfilment services, we are completely transparent about pricing as we`ve got nothing to hide. You`ll find our complete price list on our website. We`re happy to quote if you have any requirements not covered.

Huboo was born out of our experiences as online retailers, as we recognised there wasn`t a fulfilment service out there offering competitive pricing and responsive, personal customer service. Whatever your situation, it`s worth giving Huboo a call and seeing how we can help you and your business to grow.

Tel: 01722 444 025

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