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9 & 10 June 2021



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Increase efficiency and reduce emissions through collaboration and data driven logistics

The world is changing and we believe that global collaborative networks are the future of logistics. We provide our customers with the capabilities to make this possible. The goal is to increase fill rates and connect supply chains by harmonising data.
The industry needs to go green and digital - and companies need to change fast in order to stay competitive. Our software makes sure you manage to deliver the goods to your customers at the right time, with the right quality and cost.
We are passionate about creating more efficient and sustainable supply chains.
We help our customers drive value through more efficient logistics operations. Our cloud-based software solutions will enable you to increase your efficiency and get full visibility and control over your operations. Utilise your resources in the best possible way and spend more time on profitable activities. A more efficient use of resources will also help reduce emissions.
We know what the future of logistics looks like and we have the tools to get you there, with our Future-ready, innovative solutions, acknowledge by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in the Supply Chain, what can we do for you?
Cost Saving
Our solutions are focused on processes` automation, which enable:
• Streamlining operations
• Increasing fill-rates
• Optimising existing available capacity (transport assets and hubs)
• Optimising resources (labour, equipment)
Revenue Increase
Our solutions add value to companies by providing differentiated services:
• Proactive event/deviation management
• Dedicated portal to receivers/senders, with notifications and status information
• Carriers` Performance measurement (1)
CO2 Emissions Reduction
Our solutions are designed to take the best usage of existing resources:
• Optimised planning/routing reduces the number of empty vehicles by maximizing the capacity - fewer vehicles on the road

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