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9 & 10 June 2021


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Europe`s only end-to-end bespoke supply chain audit provider. With over 30 years` experience of conducting comprehensive audits, we ensure your businesses supply chain is fully optimised to meet your critical objectives.

Whether we provide experienced stocktaking personnel, or specialist supply chain assurance services, we offer industry leading research and advice in the supply chain management process.

As founders of the Good Faith Receiving (GFR) service provision, our people, expertise and knowledge make our solution unique. GFR offers a direct solution to the GSCOP regulations of `supplier fair treatment` and the GCA`s recommendations `paying suppliers accurately and in good time`.

Good Faith Receiving (GFR)
By combining deployment, operational integration, supplier on boarding, strategic audits, supplier and retail representation AND data results analysis; we help retailers and suppliers to focus on selling products and driving efficiency into their supply chain.

Our service is `GSCoP` friendly, `Drop & Drive Workgroup` friendly, and already on-boarded by over 700 grocery suppliers to create a balanced cost neutral audit function, meaning efficiencies gained and savings made, outweigh the cost of service for both supplier and retailer.

Picker Accuracy (PA)
Our supply chain audit teams monitor third-party deliveries by conducting concise checks to independently verify the accuracy and to ultimately reduce the rate of incomplete shipments though identifying root causes.

The teams conduct strategic audits on orders picked destined for store but within the distribution centre at point of marshalling. We provide real time feedback on accuracy status, error reasons, root causes and much more through our simple web-based dashboard.

Direct to Store (DTS)
Our nationwide network of mobile auditors are ready to conduct audits on picked cages; giving store operations the assurance and confidence in logistics, picker accuracy and compliance.

With RAS you can be assured our auditors will ascertain your delivery error rate which allows store colleagues to concentrate on customers.

Loading Adherence (LA) & Marshalling
At RAS we provide Load Adherence checks on equipment/media count or compliance audits on randomly selected vehicle loads, to ensure the right pallet/cage has been loaded on the right vehicle and select criteria has been met.

Our audits across all industries highlight an average marshalling error rate of almost 1%. By adding our LA & Marshalling audits, improvements of over 50% can be realised within the first 3 months.

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