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9 & 10 June 2021



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We make delivery more flexible, economical and sustainable.
People collect your customers` shopping on their daily trips in return for a few euros. We apply car pooling concept to the last mile delivery.
Our community is based on individuals doing on average 10 deliveries per month, that way people have time to take time to deliver your client with care because it fits their routine.
On the business side it enables retailers to deliver clients within 2h and in a 1h frame clients. Shopopop sharing economy system works in large cities but also in remote location.
The cost structure of Shopopop, enables retailers to cover pick hours when the trucks are fully loaded, but also when the demand for grocery is too low to cover investments in trucks, and softwares.
Since we use cars that are already in motion our CO2 impact is near zero.
Today, we work mostly with grocery retailers but all kinds of goods that fit in a car can be shipped by Shopopop.

Tel: +33 2 49 88 13 13

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