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9 & 10 June 2021



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Simacan: Intelligent supply chain visibility & control. Simacan is an open and vendor-independent cloud platform for digital cooperation in transport & logistics. Simacan enables fast and secure digital cooperation with - and between - transport companies and shippers to tackle industry-wide challenges, such as reducing transportation costs, optimizing the transport supply chain and reducing CO2.

Simacan delivers transport visibility and manages en-route exceptions. It also provides safety warnings, last-mile delivery instructions and in-cabin information whilst taking into account traffic accidents, congestion and transport regulations. Using Simacan means you are able to analyse your fleet data and optimize transport operations for a smarter supply chain.
You have access to the best real-time traffic information, supplemented with historical data. Our ETA algorithms provide the most accurate ETA predictions, even taking the type of vehicle into account. In addition, you have 100% insight into all your business intelligence. This way you can easily see the areas for improvement and you can start optimizing.

Simacan helps you with:
- Alerting | Arrival displays for locations and white label Track & Trace portal
- Planning optimization | Trip planning and traffic intelligence
- In-cabin dialogue | Communication and safety warnings (en-route and last-mile)
- Analytics & reporting | Business intelligence and Realised trips service
- Administration | e-CMR and claim handling

Tel: +31(0)338874000

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