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25 & 26 February 2025


Clear Border Ltd

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ClearBorder helps businesses trade seamlessly across borders. We take the worry out of trade through:

- online modular training suitable for individuals and teams, to cut the risks and costs of trade across borders

- independent consultancy to ensure compliance, adapt supply chains and maximise efficiency

- Expert insight into policy and technology shaping the future trade borders, to enable clients to maintain their competitive advantage

We are a team with unparalleled expertise in international trade, from customs processes to government policy, from the dockside to the boardroom. ClearBorder serves clients across sectors from e-commerce to defence, food products to electronics.

ClearBorder’s modular and interactive training courses are available anytime, anywhere on any device. They cover all the requirements for UK trade with the EU and the world.

You can access expert consultancy advice on customs compliance, border efficiency, liabilities and future supply chain strategy.

Testimony from ClearBorder’s clients: “really impressive online courses”, “short and digestible”, “invaluable when we’re assisting customers”.

Tel: 020 3745 0657

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