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25 & 26 February 2025



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Every day, a fleet of 15,000 refrigerated food trucks enters Greater London, emitting 84,000 tonnes of CO2 and other harmful NO2 emissions annually into densely populated areas. Diesel based transport refrigeration is not only damaging to our nation’s health but also consumes valuable resources adding to waste in many forms. Current regulations fail to address this issue, but we anticipate changes on the horizon. Consumers and local authorities are now demanding eco-friendly solutions. Retailers, food service providers, and transport providers are challenged with finding sustainable solutions.


After three years and £1.7 million in development, we are excited to introduce CoolRun pods—a patent-pending product revolutionising cold chain logistics. Our pods utilise passive cooling technology, maintaining optimum temperatures, chilled or frozen for up to 30 hours, enabling the movement of temperature sensitive goods across the country with multiple stops, all the while leaving no refrigeration emissions in their wake. Our customers benefit from an 18% increase in payload capacity and annual savings of over £8,000 per truck every year in the form of lower diesel and maintenance costs. CoolRun pods offer multi-temperature compartments, IoT-enabled temperature and location tracking, and fast, high-precision manufacturing (blow-moulding) offering cost competitiveness, stable quality, and scalability.

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