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25 & 26 February 2025



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Dronamics is the world’s first cargo drone airline. ?s a leading developer and operator of large, long-range drones built specifically for cargo, our flagship Black Swan is able to carry 350 kg (770 lb) at a distance of up to 2,500 km (1,550 mi) up to 80% faster, 50% cheaper and with up to 60% lower emissions than alternative modes of transport, including airfreight. We have developed and operate an all-in-one solution for middle-mile logistics powered by three main elements: our Black Swan cargo drone, a network of droneports and our fully mobile control and cargo handling operations. Dronamics is an end-to-end cargo mobility solution with global reach and simple integration into supply chains that can enable same-day delivery at an affordable cost. We introduce cargo drone delivery services to various industries, including eCommerce, Healthcare (medicines, vaccines), Perishables (food, flowers), Engineering and automotive (spare parts), Humanitarian aid and Mining. 

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