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25 & 26 February 2025


Intrepid Global Limited

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We’re a family-run, market-leading, talent-unlocking provider of transport staffing solutions.

Having risen up through the industry, our founders know all about recruitment. Seeing people and businesses grow is what gets them out of bed, so it didn’t take long for them to recognise that outdated practices no longer cut it.


Transport doesn’t give you the time to bounce between different agencies and in-house hiring methods. With one provider for drivers, one for managers, and another for the C-suite, we’ve seen candidates and companies close to burnout… It’s time for a refresh.


Intrepid Global knocks through fixed hiring barriers, swapping machine-like transactions for long-lasting, beneficial relationships.


Why? Because whether you’re looking to ignite your career or progress your company, you need someone you can turn to every time for a personalised service that gets the job done. How? With forward-thinking solutions, time-saving tech and untradeable human wisdom.

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