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25 & 26 February 2025



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We are a Danish software company providing specialised industrial software for supply chain digitisation and traceability.

PSQR solutions are deployed by global companies and governments. Our flagship product, Saga, is part of 250 factory installations and is responsible for tracking +20 billion items annually.

Saga is essentially a specialised event repository—a database capable of handling significant volumes of data at very high speeds in complex settings.

Built on EPCIS standards, the individual units can be tracked all the way from production to retail and provide insight into the production, manufacturing, movement, and consumption of products, resources, and assets.

Our software empowers companies, system integrators, governments, and others to tell the true story of their products' origin, journey, whereabouts, and consumption, simultaneously assisting in regulatory compliance.

Serving as a back-end system for gathering, storing, processing, and transferring data, our software solution can also help companies achieve compliance with the upcoming Digital Product Passport regulation.

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