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25 & 26 February 2025


Secure Link Services

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Secure Link Services (SLS) provides cutting-edge B2B payment  solutions, generating secure unique payment links that can be easily shared with customers to their smart phone or computer.
Sales and call centre teams can send links using our Portal or via their own ERP software systems when integrated with our API’s. Streamlining the journey to secure payments prior to shipping products and services.

End user customers can initiate payments with just a click, the links have an added extra layer of security and trust for the transactions. For merchants, the assurance of receiving payment before dispatching goods or providing services minimizes the risk of non-payment or fraudulent activity.
SLS expedites the payment process, allowing for quicker order fulfilment and enhanced customer satisfaction. The payment link presents a detailed overview of the selected products or services, and if desired, clients can be presented with options to refine their orders in real-time before proceeding to the payment.

Drawing on our company’s vast software development and expertise within the EPOS environment, and specifically our work on click-and-collect and click-and-ship services for global clients, enables us to deliver these innovative Paytech solutions outside of retail.

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