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25 & 26 February 2025



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Track-POD is a comprehensive last-mile delivery software solution, widely regarded as one of the best delivery management platforms available.

It simplifies your business operations, streamlines workflows, and boosts productivity, ultimately leading to increased revenues and profits.

With Track-POD, you can seamlessly align your sales and logistics teams, enabling them to work in harmony towards achieving your business goals. Our software offers a proof of delivery app, fleet optimization, route planning tools with intelligent algorithms, live tracking options, and delivery notifications.

These features help you to enhance customer service and automate your processes. Additionally, our mobile app for iOS and Android enables you to sign electronic documents, take photos, receive timestamps with geotags, and track your car's location and distance.

Our route optimization solution will help you to create the fastest routes utilizing your fleet of vehicles with various restrictions:

Track-POD is very easy-to-use and lets you dramatically reduce costs and increase productivity, efficiency, management control, and profits. There are Case Studies

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