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9 & 10 June 2021


Top 10 Rising Retail Categories

Consumer behavior is constantly shifting in 2020. Factors like the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted purchases, whether made through eCommerce or brick and mortar shops. A bar chart released by Statista in September 2020 breaks down the total retail revenue in the United States sorted by product categories. This portrays the most recent top-selling products making their way to distribution centers all over the country.

Books, music & video (62.7%)

Computer & consumer electronics (49.5%)

Toys & hobby (47.8%)

Office Equipment & supplies (39.3%)

Apparel & Accessories (36.7%)

Furniture & Home furnishings (29.9%)

Health, personal care & beauty (13%)

Other (6.1%)

Auto (5.2%)

Food & beverage (3.7%)

The yearly retail trends projected by Google Think monitors specific products consumers are searching most. Sprinkler controls, sneeze guards and squashes/gourds are the three breakout products which top the chart as the most searched items as of October 2020. Patio heaters, craft molds, neck gaiters, protective masks, and hand sanitizers and wipes are listed directly after.

Observing trends allow for businesses to view what products are desired most by consumers. Patio heaters and neck gaiters express how customers are preparing for the winter while craft molds and squash convey how the Halloween spirit is being celebrated this fall. It’s clear that the pandemic has greatly affected the supply and demand of sanitary products with the need for masks and sneeze guards remaining top-priority. Understanding the relationship between retail searches and purchases is critical to business success.

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