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27 & 28 February 2024


Exporta Commit to Sustainability & Net Zero

Exporta are known and trusted for their sustainable solutions in the product handling industry, now, they are taking the next step. Working with Auditel they have been able to identify, demonstrate and strategically execute on their commitment to Sustainability and Net Zero meeting with their vision as a business.


What Exporta Have to Say

Shona Laing Head of Business Services for Exporta says, “We are an environmentally conscious and sustainable thinking company, committed to promoting sustainability across our own operations and helping our customers achieve the same. We have held ISO14001 certification for a number of years which has allowed us to demonstrate our commitment and compliance. However, we felt that it didn’t take us far enough as we always strive to be a leader in the market. We can see the need in proving that we are an environmentally ethical company and working with Auditel to determine our current Carbon Footprint and put in place a Strategic Carbon Reduction Plan, eventually achieving PAS2060, will allow us to do that. It’s one thing to talk the talk, another to walk the walk.”

Shona continues, “Working with Auditel has been brilliant. Our customers can be sure they’re working with a supplier committed to sustainability. It’s easy to make the right noises about being green and sustainable but it takes work to actually take action and really make a difference. For our customers looking to work on their own emissions, they know that Exporta is the sustainable choice when it comes to plastic pallets and other product handling goods.


What Auditel Have to Say

Auditels’ Carbon Specialist Sean Connaughton says, “Exporta really are ahead of the curve. The culture within the whole organisation is totally focused on a drive to achieving carbon neutrality. Working with them has been a joy, everyone we have worked with has been very receptive, helping us gather the detailed carbon data to accurately calculate their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Working across all departments everyone has been willing to share, learn and work with me to make it a smooth journey for both parties.”

Sean continues, “We have spoken to suppliers in Latvia, Turkey, Israel and the UK to try and understand what they are doing about carbon. Some have been able to provide this, and others haven’t even started their carbon journey. Accurately capturing the data is always very challenging, however we have been working effectively with the warehousing department to start creating new templates for them, so they are more efficient and making the harvesting of carbon data seamless within their processes. This will make annual carbon footprinting so much easier.

What are Exporta doing?

Exporta have already taken several steps to reduce their footprint and increase sustainability like installing solar panels on the roof and the separation of waste. Now we have a detailed picture of their Carbon Footprint totalling 433 tCO2e, the next phase will be to identify the hotspots and by developing Strategic Carbon Reduction Plans together, we can put in place many more initiatives over the coming months and years to make significant reductions in their carbon emissions.”

Latest Recycling Offering

Launching in October, Exporta now offer a unique Plastic Pallet Buy-Back recycling scheme. To try and further the amount of plastic pallets being recycled Exporta felt they needed to go further in making it appealing for users to recycle plastic pallets at the end of their use. Whether you bought your plastic pallets from Exporta or not, you can now have them recycled with Exporta and in return receive credit on your next Exporta purchase. You can read more about the initiative on the Exporta website where you can also fill out a recycling quote form.

Your old plastic pallets will be taken to Exporta’s recycling partners. They will then be turned in to plastic granules, ready to be used to create more plastic pallets. In a world that’s increasingly turning to returnable packaging, you can keep the cycle going even after the plastic pallet has been used. Recycling your plastic pallets also ensures they won’t be discarded in landfill where they could have a harmful effect on the environment.


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