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27 & 28 February 2024


Totalmobile unlocks the potential of your mobile workforce

2022 was chaotic. Will 2023 be as hard to predict? Join our experts on Stand SC2831 to discuss challenges in field service management and the solutions helping retail supply chain & logistics organisations navigate the current landscape. 

From enhanced efficiency across your mobile workforce to final mile service by your operatives and the rising cost of business, grab your spot and discover how we can enhance your field service management. 


How can Totalmobile help? 

Optimise from Totalmobile is a dynamic workforce scheduling solution that unlocks the potential of your mobile workforce. With Optimise, you better meet service demands with the resources available. The dynamic workforce scheduling solution efficiently allocates your staff to achieve complex scheduling goals while maintaining rapid response flexibility.

Optimise Efficiency, Delight Customers

Beyond scheduling software, Optimise is a complete solution for more intelligent working. You schedule field-based work in real-time to maximise staff capacity, meet SLAs and maintain service continuity as the working day evolves. Responding to change is effortless. Optimise quickly re-evaluates outstanding work and creates an updated workforce schedule that meets service scheduling and quality goals. 

Complete Control, Unparalleled Visibility

Use Optimise as an intelligent assistant that automatically creates and publishes schedules for your entire workforce - or manually create and issue standalone programs leveraging the powerful dashboard and information management capabilities. 

The results?

Using Optimise's dynamic scheduling, one prominent field service provider saved £2 million per year on fuel costs. With Organise you can:

  • Maximise Time Spent Delivering Services - Give your teams more time delivering service with efficient scheduling across the available workforce.
  • Ensure All Standards Are Meet - Drive compliance and meet all required SLAs and KPIs by scheduling the right people for the right jobs at the right time. 
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions - Efficient schedules mean staff spend more time delivering services and travelling less, reducing fuel spend and your carbon footprint.

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Workforce Rostering

Our shift planning consultants will be available on Stand SC2831. Our team have decades of experience helping organisations enhance shift work using specialist insight and software.

At the stand, we can discuss how your organisation can quickly:

  • Identify potential efficiency, productivity, service and well-being gains.
  • Pinpoint issues, challenges and risks in your current workforce shift-planning
  • Outline the business case for changing existing shift patterns.

Introducing Organise 

Setting our consultancy expertise in motion is Organise, our cloud-based workforce rostering solution that manages complex processes in demand-led shift pattern design. In minutes, you can design and publish rotas days or weeks in advance - even in nuanced service delivery environments.

Right People, Right Place, Right Time.

Organise delivers a comprehensive range of workforce rostering capabilities, ensuring that the right people with the right skills are assigned to the right shifts at the right time and place.

With Organise, you can Better Control Costs, Enhance Organisational Compliance & Improve Service Quality.

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