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27 & 28 February 2024


Silk-Worms to Supply Chains

There’s no limit to the innovative solutions that the packaging industry can create when pushing its technological, sustainable boundaries. SPN’s role in the industry is pivotal in helping to support a progressive packaging industry that is continuously striving to achieve greater efficiency and sustainability.

The growing success of Sustainable Packaging News is testament to the fact that converters and machinery producers value its broad, fresh approach to promoting Sustainability and the Circular economy. From edible packaging to “Activated Silk Technology” based upon Silkworm cocoons (Issue 21.4) and the advent of refill-pouches for Gin, there is a continuous stream of technological breakthroughs emerging worldwide. These in turn are brought to our global audience as they happen. A glance at previous SPN issues confirms that advancing technology and the advent of AI is driving change faster than ever before in our industry.

Today, by working closely with leading innovators and the industry at large, SPN provides its readers with the latest developments in sustainable packaging. These are communicated via its website ( and its unique SPN magazine, where readers can discover the news that really matters!

Moreover, at SPN it is possible to engage with thought leaders that shape our industry and obtain up-front appraisals about what is happening from a consumer’s perspective, as well as from the latest legislation that continues to be imposed upon our industry.

Clear focus

SPN’s unrivalled, clear, Sustainability-focused website covers the latest industry business news, including mergers, acquisitions, and financial news from global brands both large and small. Our readers are especially interested to learn about the latest ground-breaking technologies and initiatives that will have a positive impact on the future of us all.

Setting the agenda in print!

Our diverse Sustainable Packaging Magazine offers practical insights along with added value at every turn. This provides the strategic support that individual companies need and deserve from a well-respected and authoritative publication such as SPN. We not only select the latest news, but also cover industry overviews from sources that will enhance the knowledge, skill sets and well-being of our thousands of subscribers.

All advertisers can benefit significantly from their association with SPN, which is the acknowledged, leading voice of sustainability and the only magazine dedicated exclusively to global sustainability and the circular economy. By participating with SPN via its features and advertising content, you can shine a light on your commitment and dedication to ensuring that the world is a more environmentally friendly and safer place.

In addition. we provide our audience with up-to-date information on all aspects of sustainable packaging, Incorporating the circular economy, recyclability, resource efficiency, bio-based packaging, machinery and sustainable packaging innovation.

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