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25 & 26 February 2025


First Move Logistics (FML)

First Move Logistics (FML) is a Global Logistics company based in Benin Republic, with own offices in Togo and Nigeria. It also has partners in the remaining 51 countries in Africa. We assist in managing customer's global shipping needs by providing timely information, diversified options, and cost-effective solutions. FML also provides surface transportation and delivery services to MINUSMA in Gao - Mali, through the route from Cotonou Port to Gao Base. From Lome Port, it’s services also extends to Burkina Faso and Niger through Kantchari Border Post.

FML is one of the leading logistics companies in Benin Republic. It got nominated as subcontractors for DHL Global forwarding in 2019 in Benin. It has continued to have a renewed trust with DHL due to its excellent and efficient services. This has also extended further to her branch office in Lome – Togo.

FML is a member of the following networks: JCtrans Network, OOG Network, Global Logistics Alliance, World Supplychain Alliance, Pacific Global Association, Linkbridge Logistics Network, EASY Cargo, Global Exclusive Movers and Siver4Gold. With these strong networks, it can coordinate shipments from any port in the world, by working with fellow network partners in over 100 countries of the world.

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