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27 & 28 Feb 2024


Kunmi Oludoyi & Raza Rubbani: Speaking at the Retail Supply Chain & Logistics Expo

Kunmi Oludoyi & Raza Rubbani


The Future of Autonomous Delivery

As the digital age approached us a couple of decades ago there were a swarm of doubts, worries, fears with a pinch of optimism. Is this the same today for the upcoming age of autonomy…? Will autonomous technology and robotics really help to streamline human-centric processes…? How can we prepare ourselves for the upcoming age of autonomy in logistics…?

As one of the purveyors of autonomous delivery we have deep insight into the infrastructure, regulatory and value-chain needs to execute autonomous delivery operations.

Kunmi Oludoyi, CEO or Sorair Technologies and Raza Rubbani, COO of Sorair Technologies will take you through the journey of creating an autonomous delivery ecosystem detailing:
The necessary stakeholders that must have visibility of operations;
Value chain partners – Why some partners are more important than others;
And the necessary technologies needed for autonomous delivery operations with both autonomous drones and connected autonomous vehicles.
From our experience as a team, we have seen the impacts that technology can have on industries, economies, and individuals. We’ll be peeling back the layers, revealing the pros and cons of introducing technology to the logistics industry as Raza Rubbani tells the story of how the logistics industry, and employee’s lives were changed with the digital age and paints the picture for the future of logistics.

Kunmi Oludoyi, and Raza Rubbani, bring you the opportunity to partake in a live discussion. Join us as we discover:
Practical methods to reduce the impact of job losses upon the introduction of further autonomous technology;
Infrastructure needs for the introduction of autonomous technology;
And the pros and cons of autonomy - evaluating the socio-economic benefits.

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