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9 & 10 June 2021



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Mitigate critical WMS performance risks with Athena by VR-Tek.

Many companies struggle to develop robust and repeatable performance testing for their critical Warehouse Management System (WMS) on time and within budget. The reasons for this are many but usually include the following:

• Not being able to reliably handle fleeting RF Gun screen messages
• Making additional calls into the WMS database adding unrealistic extra load to the test
• The bloating of WMS database tables with large quantities of test data that can unrealistically affect performance
• Failure to simulate the flow of stock through the warehouse due to each test script being completely self-contained
• Wasting time and effort diagnosing and rectifying performance issues that turn out to be caused by the test set-up rather than the load applied

Athena is a WMS Test Accelerator Framework that shortens the performance testing phase in the delivery of WMS applications and improves the quality and effectiveness of the tests by:

• Reducing time to develop each performance test script
• Improving script and test robustness leading to less test re-runs
• Simulating the warehouse stock workflow accurately (inbound and outbound)
• Enabling warehouse workflow modelling (from Peak Hour to full Day In the Life Of testing)
• Reliably handing fleeting RF Gun screen messages
• Eliminating unrealistic additional calls into the WMS database
• Ensuring that WMS database tables remain at realistic sizes
• Preventing the generation of artificial performance test issues

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