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9 & 10 June 2021


IGS Limited

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IGS is an Edinburgh-based technology company that delivers, IoT-enabled integrated power, communications and lighting platforms designed to create flexible smart spaces. Our ethos is based upon a culture of continuous innovation, brilliant, simple design and a refusal to accept conventional technical thinking.

Founded in 2013, IGS originally harnessed engineering expertise to create a technology business with a vision to revolutionise the vertical farming industry. Our commitment to innovation has continued apace and we have evolved the applications for this technology, including its patented three-phase power and communications platform, to create the Intelligent Grid: a modular solution that functions in a wide variety of indoor environments.

The Intelligent Grid uses an innovative IoT-enabled power and controls platform to create a streamlined one-stop solution through which to manage and monitor lights, sensors, cameras and communications for complete control and reporting. From behaviour tracking and automatic lighting through to emissions tracking or security systems, devices can be quickly and easily installed and managed. Through this system, businesses can create bespoke smart spaces that are infinitely customisable and controllable.

Ideally suited to establishing a holistic control and management system for large spaces such as retail environments, indoor car parking or commercial buildings, the Intelligent Grid allows businesses to create smart, dynamic and responsive environments. The platform has been developed with a simple, clean, elegant design that can be easily reconfigured to adapt the way in which a space is navigated and used.

Tel: 0131 202 1050

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